How to Make a Halter Out of Rope for Sheep

sheep image by wilmar huisman from

A simple halter can be made for leading a sheep using a length of braided nylon rope. The rope can be easily worked to create a neat splice that forms loops in the rope, rather than using knots.

A special tool, similar to a long and heavy duty sewing needle, called a fid, is used to form a track in the rope braid for the rope ends to follow to make the splice. The procedure is relatively simple, with the right tools and should take just a few minutes to accomplish.

Seal the ends of the rope by melting them with the lighter.

Grasp the rope with one hand about eight inches from the end of the rope and with the other hand about 12 inches from the end. Push the rope together to loosen the braid.

At the eight inch point, insert the fid between the braids and into the centre of the rope. Push the point of the fid out at the 13 inch point.

Double the short end of the rope back and insert it into the hole in the braid made by the fid. Push four inches of the rope into the centre of the braid, using the fid as a guide.

Remove the fid and pull the rope to tighten the braid around the inserted rope end to form a splice. Place a hog ring around the splice to hold it in place. This will form a two inch loop at that end of the rope.

About six inches from the end of the splice push the fid horizontally through the rope to open the braid. Pass the free end of the rope through the braid from one side to the other and pull it through until it forms a small loop. The rope between the splice and the loop will form the nose piece.

Pass the end of the rope through the spliced loop to form the head stall, then back through the second small loop to form the chin strap.

Slip the swivel snap onto the free end of the rope and form a splice in the same manner as the first splice to hold the snap in place. Place a hog ring around the splice.

Place the halter on the sheep by pulling the head stall open and fitting the nose piece across the nose of the sheep and the chin strap under the lower jaw. Place the head stall over the ears and behind the head. Pull the chin strap to tighten the stall then pull the rope to tighten the chin strap.