How to Make a Vista Install Boot Disk

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Creating a boot disk from which to install Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system will let you reinstall the OS, which can be useful if your computer manufacturer failed to include a disk with your purchase. You can make a Vista install boot disk by downloading a disk image (or ISO) of the Windows Vista Recovery Disc and burning it to CD.

Go to the Vista Recovery Disc Download page on The NeoSmart Files website (see Resources).

Select the link for your type of Vista installation (32- or 64-bit).

Click "Run" and choose the option to open the link with a torrenting program such as BitTorrent. Doing this will download a Vista ISO file to your hard drive.

Insert a blank CD into your computer and open your CD-burning program.

Click on the option to create a "Boot" or "Image" CD.

Drag and drop the downloaded Vista ISO file to the "Boot" or "Image" queue and press the "Burn" button.

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