How to make homemade cufflinks

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Cufflinks are used to fasten two sides of a cuff on a shirt or dress. These fashion accessories are making a style comeback, along with French-cuffed shirts, which require them. Buying a pair of cufflinks can seem excessive when you only own one or two French-cuffed shirts, which you only wear on special occasions. If this is the case, making your own cufflinks is a cheap and easy altennative to buying them. Homemade cufflinks can also be fashionable and unique, and can spark a conversation at a social event.

Choose two buttons that you want to use as cufflinks. They will serve a decorative as well as functional purpose, so make sure you choose buttons that are strong and that you find aesthetically pleasing. It also helps to choose buttons that go well with a number of different colours and patterns, so you can use the cufflinks for different shirts.

Cut two pieces of wire, each 10 cm (about four inches) long.

Thread one wire through each pair of buttons, then twist it to secure them.

Wrap the exposed wire in scraps of fabric. Secure the fabric in place around the wire using fabric glue. Let the fabric dry for about half an hour. Since the fabric will be exposed when you wear the cufflinks, it helps to choose one that matches or goes well with the colour and design of the buttons.

After the glue has dried, use scissors or a knife to trim any excess fabric from the wire.

Insert the cufflinks, button-first, into the cufflink holes in the shirt, then bend the wire back on each side so the cufflinks are securely anchored to the shirt.

Inspect the inserted cufflinks to make sure they fit properly. Trim away any protruding wires that might irritate the wrist of the wearer.

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