Table Napkin Folding Instructions

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Various techniques may be used to fold table napkins into stunning designs. When you know how to fold table napkins, you are able to create visually interesting dining displays that are not only beautiful but functional. The pyramid technique of folding table napkins provides a uniform design that is appropriate for just about any dining situation. Practice this napkin folding technique before your next big formal dinner.

Put the napkin right side down on a flat table situated so that it is in front of you.

Take one corner and fold in half to the opposing corner. You will have created a diagonal fold and a triangle shape.

Move the napkin on the flat surface so that the folded straight edge is very close to the edge of the table where you are seated and the open and pointed edge is furthest away on the flat surface or table.

Take the right-hand edge and point of the napkin closest to you and fold left to meet the point in the centre of the napkin. You should have created a line down the centre of the napkin.

Repeat this step with the left pointed side of the napkin nearest to you and fold up to the point. This section will meet the right section of the napkin in the middle. You should have formed a diamond shape with the napkin and a distinct line or seam in the middle.

Turn the napkin over and keep the diamond shape. The open unfolded end of the napkin should be facing the opposite direction from where you are seated. There should be a pointy end to the napkin at the furthest point away from you.

Fold the napkin in half by bringing the furthest pointed edge toward you and fold over and meet the point of the napkin that is close to your body.

Flip the napkin over once more, keeping the pointed opened-up edge toward you. Lift the napkin up from the centre seam with your fingers, and you should have formed a pyramid shape. It will look something like a triangle.

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