How to Make a Flute Out of Paper

she played a flute image by Pix by Marti from

A flute is an elegant wind instrument children can easily recognise because of its sweet tones. When teaching children about the different instruments in the orchestra, it is not feasible to bring in several real flutes for the children to see and hear. However, a craft activity can produce a paper flute that can allow children to explore making different pitches by blowing through a hole in the paper "flute."

Roll a piece of paper, starting at a shorter side, into a cylinder 3 inches wide at the openings.

Secure a rubber band on each side of the roll of paper, wrapping it around as many times as necessary to hold the paper in a cylindrical shape.

Cut a 1-inch wide hole in the centre of the cylinder.

Hold the cylinder with your palms covering the two openings on either side, and apply slight pressure.

Blow into the top of the hole while holding the side openings shut with your palms.

Change the pitch by blowing at different angles and letting some air escape out the side between your palms.

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