How to Get Rid of Nightingale Birds

Although they're normally seen as valuable and charming animals, birds can be pests when they decide to nest or roost in places you don't want them. Nightingales can be particularly disruptive with their characteristic singing, which can usually be heard for miles around.

Nightingales usually sing at night, when the rest of the world is silent, so they can disrupt sleep. To humanely drive these noisy birds away, follow a few simple guidelines.

If you're in the habit of putting out birdseed or bread, stop. If they're not getting free food, nightingales will be less likely to hang around your house or build nests in your yard.

Install sets of bird spikes on any flat surface the birds are using for roosting or nesting, specifically in the garage. Although these spikes are unsightly, they will effectively keep birds from landing or building nests there. Make sure your spikes are the right size for the nightingales you want to scare away; spikes built for large birds won't stop small birds.

Hang aluminium strips along the opening and roof of your garage. These strips will scare off many bird species and keep them from landing on your house.

Scare nightingales away every time you see them around. Wave your arms at them or throw things in their general direction.

Get a cat or two. Natural predation will discourage birds.

Set bird traps for nightingales that are coming back persistently. When you capture nightingales, keep them in the traps and drive them far away from your house to release them. Chances are they'll find another place to build their nests and hang out.

Prevent future nests and nightingale populations by using a sprayable bird repellent. Although bird repellents aren't guaranteed to work, they may keep birds away from your house.