How to Remove Motor Oil on Cat Paws

If you notice oil, tar or paint on your cat's paws or fur, you must take immediate action to remove it. Oil can come off easily, but if you don't remove it quickly you risk the chance that your cat might lick its paw and ingest the oil, which can be deadly.

Pick up your cat as soon as you notice oil on its paws or fur and wash the paw in cool running water. Use a mild detergent if necessary to remove any excess oil stuck on the paws.

Use vegetable oil as well when washing the paws to help remove the oil. Try wrapping your cat's paws in gauze or cloths to prevent your cat from licking them.

Take your cat to the vet immediately as your cat may have ingested oil. Monitor your cat when to taking it to the vet so that it cannot lick its paws if there is still oil on them.

Follow the vet's directions and appropriately use any medication your doctor gives you.

Wash your cat's paws with a degreaser to remove the vegetable oil. Give your cat a bath using a safe pet shampoo to fully remove any remaining oil.