How to own an outdoor billboard

In 2009 there were about 600 billboard firms that would lease out or sell billboards that accounted for over 450,000 ads. For about £455,000 you can buy or build an LED billboard that will earn you £26,000 to £52,000 per month when you lease it for advertising, depending upon its location.

Find a piece of property near a busy road where you would like to build a billboard.

Contact your local zoning department to see if you are allowed to build a billboard for advertising in that location.

Contact a commercial real estate agent to find out the owner of the property and to make an offer.

Complete the land purchase.

Hire an industrial designer or design firm to design an LED billboard.

Hire a contractor to build the billboard.

Advertise your billboard in the phone book and set up a website to sell your advertising space.

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