How to Make Easy Bolster Pillow Covers

Bolster pillows are decorative throw pillows that are unique because of their log or cylinder shape. Bolster pillows are comfortable for lounging and their shape adds a nice touch when combined with other pillows on a bed or couch. There is a simple method for making easy bolster pillow covers. This method requires only a single piece of fabric and some matching cording or ribbon to draw both ends tightly around the bolster form.

Measure the length of the bolster pillow from the centre of one circular end to the centre of the other circular end. Add 2.75 inches to this measurement and write this measurement down. Measure the circumference of the bolster pillow form. Add 1 inch to this measurement and write this measurement down.

Lay out the fabric so the wrong side is facing up and mark out the dimensions you measured in step one. Cut along your lines to make the fabric piece you will use to cover the pillow.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together. Match up the edges and corners and pin the long edge to secure it.

Stitch along the long edge using a ½-inch seam allowance to make a fabric tube. Iron the seam allowance flat open.

Turn the raw edge of one end of the tube over by 3/8-inch and press this fold. Turn the edge over again by 1 inch and press this fold. Repeat this on the other end of the tube.

Stitch the pressed folds on each end of the fabric tube 1/8-inch away from the 1-inch folds to make casings on each end of the fabric tube. Turn the fabric tube right side out.

Use the seam ripper to rip open three or four stitches from the side seams where they cross both casings to allow you to insert and thread the ribbon or casing through the casings.

Cut the ribbon or cording in half and place the safety pin onto one end of one length of ribbon or cording. Insert the safety pin into the hole of the casing and thread the ribbon or cording through the entire casing until the safety pin comes around and back out of the same hole. Pull the end of the ribbon or cording through so equal lengths of ribbon or cording are extending out the casing hole. Tie the ends of the ribbon or casing into a double bow.

Insert the bolster pillow form into the fabric tube through the open end and adjust the fabric around the pillow form so it is neat.

Thread the second length of ribbon or cording through the other casing on the other end of the fabric tube in the same fashion as you did in step eight to finish making the pillow cover.

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