How to Connect a Wedding Band to an Engagement Ring

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A wedding set is a symbol both of commitment and eternity. Often, it represents a sizeable investment, depending on the quality and size of the stone in the set. Connecting the wedding and engagement ring together is not solely for the sake of convenience or appearance.

Connecting the two together properly also protects the rings from wear by keeping the rings from rubbing against each other and protecting your investment for years to come. There are several options available to accomplish this, depending on your budget and taste.

Shop for a ring guard. Ring guards are really two pieces in one --- they are two wedding bands fastened together. Their design allows the engagement ring to slip between the bands, providing protection on both sides.

Choose a design. Ring guards come in a variety of shapes and metals. Choices range from simple gold bands to intricate designs with precious stone settings.

Check for a proper fit. Once you have selected a design that you like, make sure that the guard fits properly. The engagement ring should fit into the guard snuggly, but not so tightly that you have to force it. A jeweller can make any necessary adjustments to the guard.

Browse through some ring wraps. Wraps are meant to offer protection and enhancement to the engagement ring, but on one side. They act as a wedding band that wraps around the stone of the engagement ring.

Choose a proper shape. Make sure that the shape of the wrap fits with your stone's shape. Curved wraps work well for round cuts, while pointed designs accommodate a marquis.

Choose the correct size. Make sure that the wrap's size is proportioned to your engagement ring's size. If you choose a wrap that is too large, it will make your stone look small. While choosing a wrap that is too small makes the set seem off balanced.

Take your wedding set to a jeweller for soldering. Soldering is a process of using a metal alloy to fuse two metal objects together. In this case, the metal alloy joins the wedding set.

Show the jeweller how you want the rings aligned. Soldering works for ring guards, ring wraps, as well as traditional wedding bands. Show the jeweller exactly how you want your set to be joined because soldering is fairly permanent.

Ask the jeweller about their soldering technique. Rings should be soldered in only two places, on opposing sides of the rings. This gives the appearance of two separate rings without gaps. Do not use a jeweller who tells you they will solder the entire backside of the ring, as this will create a gap at the top of the set.