How can I upload a PDF file to Facebook?

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A portable document format (PDF) file is an effective way to share information because it is viewable in most operating systems; coupled with the social networking capabilities of Facebook, a PDF can reach a much larger audience.

Whether you want to display a document that is related to your page's focus, or you want to promote an event that your friends would enjoy, you can upload your own PDF file to your Facebook page using the tools in your Facebook account.

Place your PDF file on a Web host to make it viewable on the Web. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if the company offers free hosting space, or use an online resource like FreePDFHosting or KeepandShare. Follow the provider's specific instructions for adding your document to the server and then record the location of the PDF so that you can properly link it. For example, a URL address for a PDF might look as follows:

Log in to your Facebook account and then choose the area, such as "News Feed" or "Wall," where you want to upload the PDF file.

Click the "Link" icon underneath the text field and enter the address of your PDF from Step 1. Click the "Attach" button when done.

Type in an accompanying message in the text field above and click the "Share" button. Your PDF file now appears as a link and allows a visitor to view your file when she clicks on it.