How do I Build a Stone Column for an Entry Gate?

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Making stone columns from which to hang an entry gate is a simple project. While ancient people used mud to hold the stones in place, cement is the choice now for a strong bond. The key to building the stone column is to stagger the stones so that they do not easily topple.

Sort the stones in piles by size. There is no need to sort if you are using stones cut to look like bricks.

Dig a trench about 6 inches deep where you want to place the column, near the edges of the fence. Use the tamp to press the ground firmly into place to create a stable base.

Mix the cement to create a thick, mud-like texture. Fill the hole with a 1/2 inch of cement. Lay the first stones inside the hole. Make a square border with the largest stones, if you are using rough stones, or outline the edge of the column with stone bricks.

Place a stake at the four outside edges of the column. Tie a piece of string around the stakes to make a string border. This will keep the column level.

Use small stones to fill in any gaps between the stones. Apply a ¼-inch thick layer of cement and continue to press the stones into the sides of the column until you have reached the desired height. Allow the column to dry for 48 hours. Remove the stakes and string.

Apply another ¼-inch thick layer of cement over the edges of the top stones. Place a flat stone, large enough to cover the entire column, at the top to close the column.

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