How to Clean Deck Boards

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A dirty deck with discoloured boards is unsightly and can take away from the overall appearance of your home. The discolouration is the result of mildew, algae, debris and stains that can be removed fairly easily with common household supplies. Practicing a little simple maintenance can keep your deck looking clean and neat. Let your deck be an asset to your property rather than an eyesore.

Sweep the large debris from the entire deck with your broom, taking special care to get in between the boards.

Get your two buckets. In one bucket, mix in one cap of washing powder and fill with water. In the other bucket, mix in two scoops of oxygen bleach and fill with water.

Scrub the entire deck with your long-handled scrub brush and the washing powder mixture. This mixture will remove dirt and water stains from the deck.

Rinse the deck with the water hose removing all the soapy water from the surface.

Use your scrub brush and scrub the deck using the oxygen bleach. This mixture will remove mildew and algae from the wood.

Rinse the deck thoroughly and allow it to dry.

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