How to disable a mobile phone's GPS tracking system

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Most modern cell phones include GPS capabilities, which will provide specific location information. Some wireless providers also offer services that enable individuals to see the location of a child's or friend's mobile phone through GPS technology, though these services allow you to specify who can see your information. You can turn off your phone's GPS tracking system if you're uncomfortable about having your location information available.

Press the menu or enter key on your cell phone to enter the main menu. Some touchscreen phones allow you to simply press a menu icon on the screen to enter the phone's main menu.

Look for an entry in the menu labelled "Location," "Options" or "Settings." The GPS location-sharing option could be listed under a different menu heading depending on the manufacturer of the phone. Some phones contain a listing under "Options" or "Settings" that will allow you to disable the tracking feature.

Use your phone's arrow keys or touchscreen to highlight the option to disable the location or GPS system. Press the "Enter" or "OK" key to select the option to disable the location-tracking system. Some cell phones provide only an "On" option instead of an option to disable tracking completely.

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