How to make Indian woven string bracelets

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Indian woven bracelets, or peace friendship bracelets, are an educational and entertaining craft project for children. The creation of these beautiful pieces of jewellery helps to build bonds and can help a child grow creatively. In addition, for those of Indian decent, this can be a cultural experience that helps them to better connect with their roots.

Tie six 60 cm (24 inch) different-coloured strands of string together in a single knot.

Tape the knot to a table or other work area. This will make the weaving process easier.

Align the strings in the position that you want them to go.

Wrap the first string over the second string twice, forming a small knot. Pull this knot upward toward the tape to secure it. Repeat this action to all of the other strings.

Once the first string is done being wrapped around the last string, start with what was the second string. This string should now be the first string and the one that was first should now be the last string.

Continue this until all the strings are wrapped and there is 2.5 cm (1 inch) of loose string remaining. Gather this string and tie a knot in it to form a loop for the first knot to slide through.

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