How to change flat tyre on a Mercedes car

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If you do not have breakdown cover, which will send someone to your location and change your flat tyre, you will need to know how to change the flat yourself. Changing a flat tyre on a Mercedes is the same as changing a flat tyre on any car.

Drive your car to the side of the road in a safest spot as possible where you will avoid oncoming traffic. Park your car in a flat place, so you can easily jack up the car. Put on the hand brake and your hazard lights.

Locate your Mercedes-Benz spare tyre, wheel brace and car jack located in the boot of your car. Lift up the boot liner to find the tyre and tools. The Mercedes jack is like any other jack. It just needs to be opened to the primary position in order to work.

Loosen the lug nuts on the flat tyre with the wheel brace. The five lug nuts are located around the Mercedes star logo in the centre of the rim. Do not remove the lug, only loosen them about one turn.

Place the jack under the car and raise the Mercedes until the tyre is about 4 cm (1 1/2 inches) off the ground. If you look under the car you will see a flat area where your jack will fit. If you are changing a front tyre, the jack point will be behind the inner part of the tyre. If you are changing a back tyre, the jack point will be in front of the inner part of the tyre. Refer to your Mercedes-Benz owner's manual for an exact picture of the jacking points.

Use the wheel brace to completely remove all five lug nuts, then pull the tyre straight out to remove it. You may need to kick the tyre to loosen it before pulling it off.

Clean the wheel contact surfaces. There may be dust and particles on the areas where the spare tyre fits onto the car.

Put the spare tyre on the car. Push it on straight with the lug nuts holes aligned until it cannot go any further.

Put the lug nuts on the spare tyre and screw them in loosely just so they are attached and the spare tyre stays on the car.

Lower the Mercedes to the ground by cranking the jack counter-clockwise and remove the jack from underneath the car.

Tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern. Tighten the top lug to 50 per cent tightness then tighten the opposite lug nut to 50 per cent and continue to tighten all lug nuts like you are drawing a star. Repeat again and tighten the lugs completely. It is important to tighten the lugs in a star pattern so that the tire is secured straight.