How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor Grout

Tiled floor image by Simon Amberly from

Grout requires thorough cleaning regularly to keep ceramic tile floors looking good. Once the grout becomes dirty, it takes hard work to get it clean. Keeping grout clean or removing dirt requires the right cleaning products to prevent damaging the grout and tile.

Remove dirt and debris from the tile floor. Use a broom often to remove any loose residue.

Mop the floor with a cotton mop or a mop with cloth strips. Sponge mops and disposable cloths generally push the dirty water into the grout, making it look worse than it did before.

Remove surface stains from grout with sand paper. Fold sandpaper into a crease as large as the grout. Move the sandpaper back and forth on the grout, while being careful not to rub the sandpaper on the tile.

Spray a commercial grout cleaner onto the grout. Follow the directions on the product and scrub the grout with an old toothbrush. Cleansers with oxygen bleach work best on dirty grout.

Dry the surface with a dry mop or towels. Always soak up excess water to prevent it from staining the grout.

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