How to Repair a Panasonic LCD TV

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Panasonic is a major manufacturer of consumer electronics ranging from hi-fi equipment, personal audio devices and TV sets, including LCD, plasma and rear-projection units. Panasonic has a reputation for excellent build quality and reliable performance on its LCD sets, but faults can sometimes develop which interfere picture and sound quality. Many of these problems can be addressed by carrying out some basic maintenance and adjustments.

Ensure the power cable is securely fitted to a wall output if you can't get your Panasonic LCD TV to power up. Try testing the wall outlet with another appliance to make sure there is not electrical fault with the outlet itself. If there is still no power, a blown fuse may need replacing.

Switch off the colour correction option if you are using HDMI cables and the displayed image has unnatural colours. For instance, if a picture area that should be red is blue or green, then the colour correction option may be the issue. Press OK on your remote control. Now access the Other Adjust option and scroll down to the Color Correction option. You can now turn the setting off, which should restore normal image quality.

Press the Mute button if you can't get your Panasonic LCD television to produce sound. This may have been pressed in error, cutting off the sound. Check the volume settings on any other devices, such as a games console or DVD player, that are connected to your LCD TV. If the volume is set to low on such a device, it can limit the sound output on your TV.

Check that the air vents at the lower rear of your Panasonic LCD TV are free of dirt and debris. Dirt can accumulate in these areas, causing the cooling function to underperform. Panasonic LCD sets come with built-in safety features that shut off the power if your set becomes too hot. Clean the air vents with a damp, rather than wet cloth. Dust and vacuum the room regularly to prevent the problem from recurring.

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