How to Change the IP on My HP LaserJet P2015

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The P2015 LaserJet printer from Hewlett Packard offers an Ethernet port to allow connection to a network and runs an embedded Web server to control the printer remotely. By default, the printer uses DHCP when connected to the network to receive an IP address automatically, but you can change this to manual configuration to set your own IP address. You can access the printer's control panel through a Web browser using the built-in Web server.

Press and hold the green button on the printer until the LEDs above the button start to flash. The printer then prints out details of its configuration. Look at the "Product Settings" section on the first configuration sheet for the printer's IP address, displayed as four sets of up to three numbers separated by periods.

Open a Web browser, and type in the IP address of the printer in the browser's address bar, for example "" You will then see the printer's status page displayed in your browser.

Click on the "Networking" tab, and then click on "IP Configuration" to open the network configuration page.

Click on "Manual IP", if not already selected, to allow you to enter an IP address manually instead of using an automatic address through DHCP.

Type in the new IP address to assign to the printer. You will also need to enter the subnet mask, which is usually "", and the default gateway address. Ask your network administrator for confirmation of the subnet mask and gateway address, or look at the settings for another computer or device on the network.

Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen to apply the new settings.

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