How to Make an Email Message Confidential in Microsoft Outlook

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Government officials, individuals with diplomatic status, and businesses may need to send encrypted or confidential e-mails. However, you don't have to be a secret agent to want to send a confidential e-mail.

Many individuals simply require privacy and prefer the recipient know that the email should not be shared and is confidential.

Start Microsoft Outlook. From the toolbar, click "File," then "New," then "Mail Message."

Click the "Options" tab once the new e-mail message box opens.

Choose the "Tracking" section tab and click on the small square box located on the far right side of the tracking tab. This tab will be quite small, therefore you may need to move your cursor over the tracking tab until you locate it. Click the box and wait for the "Message Options" box to appear.

Go to the "Message Settings" area of the box and click the "Sensitivity" drop-down box. Scroll to the word "Confidential" and select it. Click the "Close" button. Now your message will be marked as confidential.