The best way to keep dentures secure

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Unsecured or slipping dentures can come out while eating or talking, which can cause self-esteem and eating properly to go down the tubes. In most cases, the upper jaw holds the dentures in place, but the gums along the lower jaw tend to shrink and change, which causes the dentures to slip. Keeping dentures in place, particularly along the lower jaw, can be accomplished through denture fixatives, denture adhesives, a professional denture suction device to stabilise dentures and professional dental implants.

Sanitise and dry your dentures. Make sure they are completely dry.

Squeeze the tube to apply fixative along the surface of the dentures.

Rinse your mouth with cold water.

Place the dentures in your mouth and bite down firmly for a few minutes.

Don't eat immediately.

Remove excess fixative by brushing the dentures with warm water.

Clean and rinse the dentures under running water.

Shake a small amount of powder onto the denture surface, if using a powdered adhesive.

Apply paste to the denture surface, if using a paste adhesive.

Put the dentures in your mouth.

Rinse your mouth with warm water to remove excess powder. Remove excess paste by rubbing the dentures with gauze.

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