How to Unclog a Spray Can Tip

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A clogged spray can tip can be frustrating. Whether it is spray paint, hairspray or any other product, if the can is full but the tip is clogged, you do not want to throw out the product. Spray can nozzles often become clogged when debris or a film forms on the opening. Unclogging a spray can nozzle can be done successfully if the proper products and methods are used.

Run the nozzle under tap water. Make the water as hot as possible, and hold the nozzle under the water for a minute or two.

Wipe down the nozzle with a rag. Use the tip of your finger to wipe along the opening of the nozzle.

Remove the nozzle from the can if it is still clogged. Pull the nozzle off of the can.

Fill a small bowl with rubbing alcohol or paint thinner. Drop the nozzle into the bowl. Allow it to soak for a few hours.

Remove the nozzle from the bowl. Wipe the nozzle with a rag to remove any loosened residue. Use a small pin to clean around the opening. Do not shove the pin through the opening or the spray system may become damaged. Wipe the nozzle with a damp rag.

Use an aerosol lubricant to clear the nozzle if the clog remains. Hold the nozzle of the lubricant directly against the clogged spray can nozzle. Squirt a small blast of the lubricant into the spray nozzle.

Wipe the nozzle clean with a rag to remove any remaining residue.

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