How to Paint an Asbestos Roof

Asbestos was once an extremely popular building material because it was relatively inexpensive and extremely resistant to fire. Nowadays, however, we know that when asbestos is disturbed, it releases microfibers into the air which can be inhaled, resulting in deadly disease of the lungs. Unfortunately, the asbestos building movement resulted in the mineral being used in many different manners on many different structures, and a great many of these structures are still in use today. If you want to paint an asbestos roof, you'll need to coat it with the right materials to ensure that you have sealed it completely and effectively, neutralising its potentially negative health effects.

Put on gloves, respirator and safety goggles.

Access the asbestos roof using an extension ladder. Follow the safety directions printed on the side of the ladder to avoid injuries due to falls.

Apply an asbestos primer like Primero or Dead-End using a 4-inch paintbrush. Begin at the far edge of the roof and work backward toward the ladder. Allow the surface to dry for two hours.

Apply an asbestos sealer in the same manner as you did the primer.

There are a variety of asbestos sealers on the market. Two of the most popular brands are Seal-Rite by Cosmo-Dec and Insultec commercial roofing membrane.

Asbestos is a hazardous material and must be sealed properly. Never attempt to paint an asbestos roof using ordinary acrylic latex paint.

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