How to Align the Astra 28.2 Satellite Dish

antenne satellite. image by Bruno Bernier from

Astra 28.2 satellite dishes must be pointed at 28.2 degrees east, one of the main satellite groupings in space. Most dishes aimed at the 28.2E location service the European area. If you have an Astra 28.2 dish, you must make sure it is always pointed at 28.2 degrees, or risk losing service. Luckily, it's easy to realign the satellite if it moves.

Find south with your compass while standing on your roof or wherever you're placing your dish. Then turn 28.2 degrees to the east, checking your compass to make sure you are facing the right direction. This is the direction in which you will aim your dish.

Tilt the dish up somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees. The angle will depend on your exact location and your dish service. Consult your local dish provider to find the specific alignment angle.

Turn on the TV. Go into the options in your dish service box and find the meter to make sure the dish is aligned. Try to have another person near the television while you adjust the dish.

Adjust the dish, aiming at 28.2 degrees east of south and tilted 20 to 30 degrees up from the horizon. It may take some time, but once the dish is properly aligned you'll get a positive reading on the TV's alignment meter. Give your TV a few seconds to receive the signal.

Lock down the dish once you have a positive reading from your alignment meter.

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