How to Fix My Canon Pixma Printer From Paper Jamming

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The Pixma line of Canon printers provide a good combination of low price and high quality, but these printers can sometimes be prone to problems with jamming. There are a number of things that can cause a printer to jam, so it is important to work through each of the possible causes one by one. Working through each of the possible causes is the best way to get your printer back in service and reduce your hassles.

Pull all of the paper out of the tray of your Pixma printer. Carefully adjust the paper guides one the sides of the tray. If the paper guides are adjusted improperly the paper will feed into the printer at an angle, which can cause paper jams.

Fan the paper to remove any accumulated paper dust and dirt. Remove any wrinkled or torn paper then reload the tray.

Clean the paper tray to remove any dust or debris. If the paper tray is dirty it could cause problems with the paper feed.

Replace the paper in the tray with freshly purchased paper. If the paper has been stored in a cold location, it may have accumulated moisture, and that moisture could cause the paper to stick together. If your Pixma printer is pulling more than one sheet at a time there is a good chance excess moisture is to blame.

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