How to Dye White Leather Black

Leather comes in all sorts of colours, but sometimes it's not the colour that you want or need, and that is when dying becomes an option. Dying leather isn't a complicated process until you get to dying a white leather product black. Then, the process takes twice as long and requires a bit more patience. In the end though, you'll have the leather colour you want, and you'll have saved a few bucks in the process.

Clean off the white leather shoes using the leather cleaner and a soft rag to get rid of anything that could hamper the dying process. Apply masking tape to any parts of the shoes that you don't want dyed, such as the sides of the soles or the tongue. Take out the laces from the shoes with your hands.

Put on the rubber gloves. Shake the bottle of green dye. Apply the green dye to the leather surface of the shoe using the applicator sponge included in the bottle of dye. Remove any puddles or excess dye from the shoe using a soft rag. Let the dye dry for at least an hour, then reapply the green dye and wipe off any excess. Allow the shoes to sit and dry completely for at least 24 hours.

Shake the bottle of black dye. Apply the black dye to the surface of the shoe using the applicator included in the bottle of dye. Wipe off any excess dye using a soft rag, let it dry, then reapply dye if necessary. Take off the masking tape, then let the shoes sit for 24 hours before putting them on.

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