How Do I Transfer Data From a Spreadsheet to a Graph Using Excel?

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Microsoft Excel makes it easy for you to create a graph from any data. Whether you want to make a bar graph, line graph, scatter plot or pie chart--all you have to do is supply the data and Excel will do the rest. By simply highlighting the data you want graphed and selecting a graph type, you will be on your way to professional-looking charts and graphs in no time.

Open Microsoft Excel from the "Start" menu.

Type the labels for the data you want to graph in row 1 of the spreadsheet. For example, if you are making a graph of the number of different types of vegetables, type "Vegetable" in column A of row 1 and type "Number" in column B of row 1.

Enter the data for each column into the cells under the correct label.

Click and drag from the top left cell to the bottom right cell to highlight all of the cells that contain data, including the heading titles.

Click the "Insert" tab on the top of the screen, then choose the type of graph you want to insert into the spreadsheet. The graph will automatically be inserted into the spreadsheet, and you can now double-click on the title to change it to the title you desire.

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