How to Take Photo of Myself From My Webcam

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Webcams allow computer users to take videos and photos of themselves. Webcams can be connected externally or integrated into a computer. Users can save photos and send them to family and friends via e-mail or social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Additionally, you can make videos with photos from your webcam to post on YouTube. You need to create the optimal conditions to take an attractive photo of yourself from your webcam.

Open your webcam software on your computer. Locate the software for an external camera in the "Applications" folder on a Mac or the "Programs" folder in Windows. If you use a built-in webcam in Windows, open the pre-loaded software on your computer. Click "Photo Booth" on the dock if using an Apple computer.

Turn on the lights. Use existing light in your room to capture a clear photo of yourself. Webcams don't have flash. Plug in an additional lamp near your computer for more light, if necessary.

Tape a sheet of paper onto your desk lamp to stop glares in your photo captured by the camera.

Sit in front of your camera. Don't look at your computer screen. Focus on the lens of your cam.

Dim your monitor to avoid reflection from your computer screen into your eyes or glasses.

Make a pose. Angle your webcam so that you can capture your entire head in the shot. Angle your monitor if you are working with a built-in webcam on a laptop.

Snap the photo. Click "take photo" or something similar in your application to capture your picture. Smile while you take the photo.