How to Recover a Patio Swing

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A patio swing is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors during good and bad weather. Patio swings bring to mind a simpler time when families had time to sit together outside and sip lemonade or iced tea. Over time, a patio swing will become weathered and worn. It is a simple process to recover a patio swing and make it like new again. Recovering a patio swing involves painting the swing and recovering any cushions.

Remove the cushions from the patio swing and set aside. Thoroughly wash the swing with detergent and a scrub brush. Rinse the swing with clear water and dry with old towels.

Spray the swing with outdoor primer. Allow the primer to dry for 2 hours before adding any additional paint. Use spray paint or a paint brush to paint two or three coats on the swing. Make sure to paint all surfaces and corners for professional-looking results. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before replacing cushions or using the swing.

Take the cushions into the house. Remove the old cushion covers if they are removable. If not, then skip this step.

Rip out all of the seams from the old cushions. Smooth out the fabric and lay it over the new patio swing fabric. Cut the fabric to match the dimension of the original cushion fabric. If you cannot get the cushions off, then simply wrap the cushion in fabric like you are wrapping a present and then cut the fabric big enough to cover all sides of the cushion.

Hem the fabric edges with a sewing machine. Spread the fabric out and lay the cushion on top of the fabric in the middle. Make sure the fabric lays right side up. Fold the two long edges of the fabric over the cushion like you are wrapping a present. Hand sew the two edges of the fabric together where they meet. One edge of the fabric should reach slightly over the edge of the other fabric edge.

Take out the cushion. Turn the cloth right side out. Replace the cushion in the middle of the fabric square.

Fold the sides of the fabric down over the cushion starting by folding the top side down, then the side pieces in toward the middle and finally the bottom piece up over the rest of the fabric. Hand sew the fabric together along all seams to retain the shape. Repeat for the other side of the cushion. Repeat this process for each cushion until all swing cushions are refurbished.

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