How to Set the Compass on a Suunto Watch

Suunto makes high quality watches that put a huge variety of information at your wrist any time you need it. Whether you need a compass, heart monitor, altimeter, or global positioning system, Suunto has got you covered in a watch that is also scratch and water resistant. The compass function of your Suunto watch offers you direction-finding help even when the GPS is off. To insure your compass is operating properly, you first need to set or calibrate it.

Select "Compass" mode on your watch by pushing the "Up/Down" buttons until the "Compass" mode is reached. Press the "Enter" button.

Select "Calibrate" mode by pushing the "Up/Down" buttons until "Calibrate" is reached. Press the "Enter" button.

Hold your watch in a horizontal position and turn it in the direction of the pointers for 30 seconds.

Calibrate your watch again in the same fashion if the message "Failed" appears on your screen. The message "Complete" indicates the calibration is complete and your compass is ready to use.

Press "Enter" to return to the main screen after the calibration is finished.

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