How to Fix a Trellis Frame

No matter what material it's made of, a trellis frame can be easily and quickly fixed by nearly anybody using a few simple tools in one afternoon. Simply choose a material to reinforce the frame -- a metal pole or thin stake works best and will blend in nicely once the vines or plants growing on the trellis grow and cover it. Whether a trellis is made of wood, metal or plastic, it's bound to need a little help when plants grow heavy. Follow a few simple instructions for an easy solution to fix a broken or overburdened trellis frame.

Select your materials. You can use either a thin metal stake or a wooden stake to reinforce your trellis' frame. If the wood or metal of your trellis' frame is broken, ensure the stake spans the entire length of the frame so that the repair will be sound enough to hold the plants' weight.

Measure your trellis frame and select an appropriately-sized metal stake or wood stake. Saw the wood stake down to size if necessary.

Place the stake as close as possible to the existing broken trellis frame. If it is a section of frame that extends from the ground, hammer the stake into the ground next to the frame section. If the section of frame is not near the ground, continue to Step 4.

Fasten the stake securely to the existing frame using medium-gauge wire. Loop the wire around the original frame and around the new frame and use pliers to twist the wire ends securely. Repeat this step, securing every 2 inches for maximum strength.

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