How to Remove Burns From Laminate Countertops

In your kitchen and bathroom, the counter tops will most likely be either tile or laminate. Although tile is more resilient to stains, scratches and burns, it is far more expensive than laminate. Because of this, most houses will have laminate counter tops.

One of the problems with laminate counter tops is that it burns easily when hot pots, pans or curling irons are placed on them. Luckily you can remove the burn marks from the countertop.

Wet your soft cloth and apply some dish soap to it. Clean around the burn mark to remove any stains or discolourations on the counter top.

Squeeze out some white toothpaste onto the burn and allow it time to dry.

Clean the area with a damp sponge or scrub brush.

Wipe the area clean with another cotton rag or paper towel. If the stain remains, apply another layer of toothpaste to the burn and repeat the process. However, if the burn has infiltrated the surface it cannot be completely removed.