Ideas to Build a Tiered Plant Stand Outdoors

ladder image by Joann Cooper from

Tiered plant stands provide a dramatic way to display potted plants. If you want to build your own stand, head to the hardware or antique store for supplies, or use materials you have around the house to reduce waste and create stylish tiered plant stands.


If you have an old or unstable ladder lying around in your garage or basement, use it to create a tiered plant stand for the garden. To build the stand, add two wooden reinforcements across the inside of the ladder to keep it upright and expanded even in high winds. Place potted plants on the ladder rungs. If the rungs are not wide enough to support the plants, place planks from the front rungs to the back rungs to create a platform, and put plants on either side and in the middle. When you use a ladder with a weathered finish, it adds a rustic touch to the garden or yard.


Old tires create tiered plant stands with little to no expenditure on your part. Start with a large tire and stack additional tires on top to form a tiered structure. When choosing tire sizes, leave a rim that is wider than the base of the potted plant to ensure stability. Once the tiers are complete, use large, bushy potted plants to disguise the tires or leave them visible. For an extra touch, nail a board to the bottom of the top tire and place potted plants inside so only the greenery and blooms are visible over the top. Paint the tires bright colours for an unexpected decorative touch.

Stacked Benches

For a simple, tiered plant stand, build two sizes of benches and stack them for a natural look. Using 1-inch by 3-inch boards, build a bench with slatted tops; the bench should be about 2 to 3 feet deep. Build a second bench that is half as deep as the first and set it on top, pushing the entire assembly against a wall or a fence to help it balance. Nail the top bench down for extra stability, and place plants on both tiers.

Antique Crates

If your construction skills are limited, make a tiered plant stand with antique crates. Gather wooden crates with the original painted labels and stack them in a basic step pattern. Rotate the crates so the labels face out, and put plants on the top surfaces. Their weathered look will supplement a vintage design or add a touch of old-world style to a contemporary home.