How to replace ford window regulator

The window regulator on a Ford is the mechanical device responsible for raising and lowering the window in the door, based on the input from the window motor or window crank. When the regulator breaks, the window can no longer be easily moved and must be replaced.

Most Ford dealership parts departments can supply you with the new regulator. If you are mechanically inclined and have a decent set of tools, you can replace the regulator in a matter of hours.

Pull the window glass to the fully upright position by hand. Wrap a long piece of clear packing tape from the outside, over the top of the door frame and down onto the inside of the glass. This will hold the window up while the rest of the repair is performed.

Use the socket set to remove the fasteners from the door panel. Some models may have trim covers hiding the fasteners. These covers can be removed with the pocket screwdriver.

Slip the trim pin removal tool under the bottom of the door at the trailing edge. Pop the trim pin located there out of its seat. Continue down the door until you have unseated all the trim pins.

Carefully lift the door panel away from the door. If the door has power window and lock switches, disconnect the wiring harness(es) from the switch(es) with the pocket screwdriver before moving the panel too far from the door.

Use the flashlight to locate the top of the window regulator inside the door. Remove the fasteners from the regulator to the window glass with the socket set. Follow the regulator down and unbolt the bottom mounts that hold it to the door. In some cases, the regulator may be riveted in place and you will need to drill out the rivets.

Carefully pull the old regulator out of the door and then insert the new one in the opposite fashion. Reinstall the fasteners that hold the regulator to the door. In case you had to drill out the rivets, the new regulator should come with fasteners to use in place of the rivets. Reinstall the fasteners that hold the regulator to the glass.

Reinstall the door panel in the opposite manner that it was removed. It is best to test if the window is operating before completely reinstalling the door panel. Remember to remove the packing tape from the window before testing the new regulator.

Clean the window and door panel with glass cleaner and a rag.