How to Upgrade the Firmware on a Sharp Aquos TV

New Sharp Aquos TVs occasionally require a firmware upgrade. The firmware tells the TV how to process different information. Usually, upgrades increase the production of the television and correct any problems or issues (similar to a systems upgrade for a computer). However, since you do not have your Sharp Aquos TV connected directly to an Internet connection, you need to perform a few extra steps to upgrade the new firmware.

Launch the Internet browser on your computer and make your way to the Sharp Aquos TV website. Once there, select "Support" and type in the model number of your television. If you are not sure of your model number, look at the back of the television and see if it is listed here.

Click "Firmware" and download the upgrade to your computer. Open the firmware file by double-clicking it in either the "Downloads" pop-up window or in the "Downloads" folder (found inside "My Documents"). This opens the WinZip software installed on your computer. If you do not have WinZip installed on your system, you can download a free trial version at

Select the desktop as the extraction point and click "Unzip."

Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and open "Computer" (or "My Computer") and double-click the removable drive icon. Leave this folder open for the moment.

Open the extracted folder on your desktop and click-and-drag over all of the files in the folder into the USB flash drive folder. Once the copy finishes you can remove the USB drive from your computer.

Power down your television and plug the USB flash drive into the USB upgrade port on the back of the television. This port is only used to upgrade the firmware. For the exact location of this port on your model of Sharp Aquos TV, refer to your user manual.

Power on the television and the TV will detect the firmware upgrade on your USB port. Allow the upgrade to commence and wait until the TV states it is done. Remove the USB flash drive from the upgrade port on the TV and power the TV back on.

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