How to Feed Baby Frogs

During the process of metamorphosis, a frog transforms from an aquatic tadpole with gills into an adult that is capable of surviving on land.

At the intermediate stage of metamorphosis, when the amphibian begins to look like a small adult frog but still retains part of its tadpole tail, a frog is referred to as a "froglet." This stage is crucial in the development of a frog into a healthy adult. The froglet stage is physiologically draining, and special care must be taken to ensure that the froglet gets enough food to survive and continue to grow.

Purchase a variety of small invertebrates from a pet store or supplier. Good choices to consider are newly-hatched crickets (referred to as "pinhead crickets"), springtails and fruit flies.

Line your froglets' enclosure with a moist paper towel for substrate.

Place several invertebrates and a piece of fresh fruit in the enclosure. The fruit will attract the flies and crickets, and will prevent them from harassing the froglets.

Place a shallow dish filled with moist leaf litter from outside in your froglets' enclosure if they are too small to eat springtails, fruit flies or crickets. Leaf litter will introduce insects into the enclosure and should provide your froglets with food.

Watch the enclosure carefully to ensure that your froglets have a constant supply of food. Add additional invertebrates as needed.