How to Install Metal Drape Tiebacks

Full drapes are a wonderful way to add style, flair and warmth to a room. However, it can be difficult to get sunlight into a room when the heavy drapes are in the way. If you are interested in keeping these drapes, but allowing light to filter into your room, metal drape tiebacks are probably a good idea. Sturdier than rope or cloth tiebacks, metal tiebacks add a modern touch with a degree of minimalist elegance. Installation is very easy with the proper materials.

Hang the draperies on the window and make sure that the drapery panels are at the desired length. If you want to hem them or lengthen them, do so before hanging the tiebacks.

Measure the length of the drapery panels. They should be the same on either side.

Calculate where the bottom-third of the drapery falls. This is where you will place the tiebacks. Most people place the tiebacks outside of the window frame to allow for more light. This also helps to avoid the difficulty of mounting tiebacks on a window frame with moulding. If you do place your tiebacks outside the window frame, make sure that you place the tieback at least one inch away from the frame on both sides.

Mark the spot where you've decided to place your tiebacks with a pencil. Be sure to indicate with the pencil where each screw will go. Make sure the markings on either side of the window are exactly symmetrical.

Drill a hole into the spots on either side of the window where you plan to insert the screws. Make sure that the hole you drill is the right size for your plastic anchors. Tap a plastic anchor into each of the holes using a hammer. Most tiebacks can be screwed or hammered into the wall, but with heavier metal tiebacks, you will want to be sure to anchor them into the wall to avoid pulling them out with the weight of your drapes.

Position the metal drape tieback (or the mounting plate, if there is one) over the anchors you have just installed and screw the tieback or plate into the wall. Be sure that you are screwing through the holes in the tieback or plate and into the anchors in the wall. Twist the screws very tightly, until you can't turn the screwdriver any further. This will ensure that the anchors are opening up within the wall and gripping the wall interior.

Hold the tieback in your hand and gently jiggle it, making sure it has affixed firmly to the wall.

Pull the drapery just below the tieback upward and place it into the tieback, creating a full, draped effect.

Fluff the drape to your desired degree of fullness.

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