How to start your own online webcam business

Setting up your own webcam business doesn't have to be a complicated undertaking. Because there is technology involved, many people become easily overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up this type of business. By starting your webcam business small, and then gradually expanding, you will avoid running out of working capital before it gets off the ground. Until the business is paying for itself, keep it simple and avoid investing in overly complicated camera setups and website upgrades.

Get a better webcam. If you are going to start a business where you intend to charge people to look at you, then you better have a visual image worth looking at. Cheap webcams are notorious for stretching images and making what you're selling look unattractive. Your best bet is a higher-end webcam on a small tripod that you can arrange wherever you want it.

Fix your lighting. Whatever the natural lighting in the room you'll be using, it probably isn't what you want. You may have to close off some sources of light because of unsightly glares, and bring in softer artificial sources of light to showcase you in your best light.

Set up a Skype account. There are many companies that will help you set up a webcam business, but they all require shopping trolleys, and setting up payment acceptance systems, hosting, as well as other plug-ins and extras. While this may be your best bet later down the road if you find you can turn a good profit, start simple. Skype will allow you to make video calls and accept payments through their Skype Prime program.

Set up a website. You'll need a website that can be your main hub and direct people to your Skype Prime account, and let them know when you're available. Outline on your site your services and their charges. Don't be coy. People online like to know what things cost up front, and if you don't tell your rates, someone else will tell theirs. When you advertise you'll want to direct people to your website so they can get all the info they need before making a decision to call you on Skype.

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