How to Fix the Volume on a Sharp Television

Sharp televisions come in a variety of models with different features to meet the needs of consumers. Though all Sharp television models have different features, some problems that arise, such as issues with the television's volume, are common among all models. Most sound problems do not require the need of a service technician. Troubleshoot and fix the problems yourself to save the time and expense of having the television serviced.

Press the "Vol +" button several times or the "Mute" button on the remote control to raise the volume. In many cases, the volume was turned down or the "Mute" button was pressed. The "Mute" feature automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, but the volume is not returned to the previous setting. You need to manually raise the volume in this case.

Change the "Output Select" audio option to "Fixed" if you are not using external speakers. When set to "Variable," the television speakers are muted. To change the "Output Select" setting, press the "Menu" button and use the right or left arrow buttons to highlight "Options." Highlight "Output Select" and press the "Enter" button. Use the right arrow button to switch to "Fixed" and press "Enter" again. Exit the main menu by pressing the "Menu" button.

Check the external speaker wire connections if you are using external speakers for audio. Ensure the speaker wires are securely plugged into the "Audio Output" or "Digital Audio Output" jacks on the back of the television. In addition, make sure the opposite ends of the wires are securely plugged into the speaker jacks or surround sound receiver. Refer to the documentation supplied with your speakers or surround sound system for information on connecting the speakers to the television.

Secure the external video device cables to the "Audio Input" jacks on the back of the television if you do not have sound when watching a DVD disc or VCR tape or when a computer or digital video camera is connected to your television. In addition, secure the wires to the "Audio Output" jacks on the device you are connecting to your television.

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