How to Restore Wool Blankets

Wool is a hardy, warm fabric, but over time improperly stored or washed wool blankets can become stained, wrinkled and misshapen. Since wool blankets are expensive, you may wish to try to restore wool blankets before you replace them.

Hang the wool blanket so that it is flat and even. Improper storage will give wool blankets wrinkles, but they will fall out in 24 hours if they are hung evenly and allowed to air out.

Brush the blanket. Use a garment brush to restore the nap of the blanket and also remove excess dirt or debris from storage or the last use. Brush the blanket in the direction of the nap, and use short, gentle strokes. This will clean off the blanket and remove dust so that you can see if there is additional damage to the fabric.

Spot-clean any stains. Use the wool cleaner and a clean, white rag to blot the stains. Do not rub them.

Wash the blanket. Hand-wash the blanket using mild detergent and lukewarm --not hot--water. Do not wring the blanket or twist it. Squeeze it to work the detergent in, and then rinse out the detergent using the same squeezing motion and fresh, lukewarm water if necessary.

Spread out the blanket to dry. You can place it on a table or drape it over several benches or chairs. It is important that there is enough surface area for the majority of the whole blanket, if not the entire blanket, to lie flat so that you can reshape it if necessary. Squeeze out excess water rather than wringing or twisting. If it is misshapen, spread it out until it is in its original shape before it dries. Gently spread and reshape the blanket, if necessary, while it is still wet and then left in that position, flat, until it dries in the shape you set for it.

Iron the blanket. Place a sheet in between the iron and the wool blanket to prevent scorching. Set the iron on "wool" and press the back of the fabric since ironing can damage the nap.

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