How to add an HDMI port to my computer

By adding an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port to your computer, you can watch high-definition content on an HD-equipped television or monitor. There are a couple of good ways to add such a port. Whether you decide to upgrade your current video card or use an external converter, you can change your analogue signal to digital easily and with little effort.

Remove the casing from your computer by removing all external screws. The casing should slide off rather easily to expose the motherboard and the other components of your computer. In order to add HDMI port to your computer, you will need to upgrade your video card. Most standard, low-end video cards have VGS ports, which send an analogue signal to your monitor. HDMI is a digital signal that is used to send a high-definition signal to your monitor.

Place your new HDMI-equipped video card into one of the open PCI card slots. Radeon, Diamond and NVIDIA make inexpensive video cards that can help you upgrade to HDMI on your desktop. These cards will allow you to watch true high-definition video in digital format on your computer or HD television.

Close your computer by sliding the case back on and securing all the screws you removed to get into the computer. Install the software for your video card when prompted after the new card is recognised on start-up. This software will help you customise your video settings and will be included with your video card or can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website for free. Since you now have a more sophisticated video card, generic Windows video drivers may not allow you to customise or change the parameters to use your new digital signal.

Purchase an external VGA converter. This piece of hardware will take the VGA signal and convert it to digital format. You simply plug your VGA cord into the box, and the signal sent to it is converted to a digital signal that is output through an HDMI port. This way is a bit more expensive but is less work and can be used in a mobile way for laptops and multiple computers with ease.

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