How to Buy DuPont Paint

DuPont is a chemical company that manufactures a variety of products, including interior and exterior automotive paint. DuPont paint is available in a wet coating formula or a powder coating. Wet coating is the traditional method of painting with liquid paint. Powder coating is the technique of applying paint that is dry. The dry paint is applied and placed under heat. The powder melts to form a film. DuPont paints can be used on numerous types of vehicles.

Purchase DuPont paint online through DuPont Direct if you are a DuPont business customer.

Call local auto bodyworks garages to find out if they are DuPont paint distributors. If they are not, ask who their supplier is.

Contact local automotive paint suppliers and auto parts stores.

Contact DuPont by e-mail. DuPont usually answers e-mail within three business days.

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