How to Customize Havaianas

Customise your Havaianas flip-flops for an original, creative look this summer. Customising Havaianas has become a trend: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner gave guests customised Havaianas at their wedding, and make-your-own Havaianas booths have appeared at New York Fashion Week and other high-profile events. If you can't make it to runway both, don't worry. It's still easy to personalise your flip-flops.

Go to your local art supply store to purchase acrylic fabric paint, paintbrushes, permanent markers and any embellishments you might like to use such as rhinestones, sequins or small seashells.

Clean your Havaianas carefully with water and a rag to remove dirt or grit before you begin painting. Let the flip-flops dry.

Come up with a design idea or theme for your flip-flops. You might want to paint a beach or under-the-sea scene, or you might want to simply paint an abstract design, stripes, polka-dots or zigzags. Try out different ideas on paper before you begin working on the flip-flops.

Draw directly on the flip-flops with coloured permanent markers if the flip-flops are white or light-coloured. You'll have more control over your design with permanent markers than with paint, and you might be able to achieve more detail. Coloured permanent marker won't show up against darker coloured flip-flops, however.

Paint directly on the flip-flops with acrylic paint if you're using a darker pair. Use small, soft paintbrushes or precision-tip acrylic paint bottles.

Allow permanent marker ink or acrylic paint to dry completely.

Use a hot glue gun to attach embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins or seashells to the straps.

Order customised rubber flip-flops from a website: allows you to choose the flip-flop colour and ink colours for your printed text, and you can upload art to add to your flip-flops. allows you to choose the flip-flop's strap style, strap colour and sole colour.'s custom design shop allows you to choose a flip-flop design to customise with your own text and initials.

Check the minimum quantity requirements before you design custom flip-flops. has a minimum quantity of 50 pairs, and requires a minimum quantity of 200 pairs.

Get a quote. Specify the number of pairs you will be ordering and click "Get quote."

Design your flip-flops. Choose the sole and strap colour, then add text or art using your own digital files.

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