How to make candied limes

Candied limes pair well with desserts, drinks and baked foods. Make candied limes with leftover limes and freeze them to use later. The sugar that coats the limes masks the bitter taste that limes produce.

In addition to making the whole lime candied, many recipes simply just use candied lime peel or zest to add a burst of sweet lime flavour. Impress your guests with delicious candied limes. If you make too many, the limes make great gifts for friends and family members.

Use a sharp knife to cut the limes into thin round slices. Bring a pot of water to a boil.

Blanch the limes by placing them in the boiling water for two minutes. Drain the limes in a colander. Leave the limes off to the side for now.

Add one cup of water and one cup of sugar to the same pot. Bring this to a simmer over medium-low heat. Place the lime slices back into the pot.

Simmer the limes for 10 to 15 minutes. Continue to simmer the limes until the white pith becomes translucent.

Drain the limes in the colander. Place them on a cooling rack to dry for one hour.

Put two tbsp of sugar in a bowl. Once the limes dry out, coat both sides of them with sugar. Gently press on the limes to ensure the sugar coats them.

Store the limes in an airtight container, placing parchment paper between them. Put the limes in the freezer if you need to store them for a long time.