How to Buy Key Limes

Key limes are a lime variety that are smaller and more round than the typical citrus lime. Key limes are especially tart and bitter, which makes them a necessary ingredient for making key lime pie. Key limes grow in Mexico and in the Florida Keys, where a rich, green lime has the strongest flavour for baking and cooking. If you live in a region where key limes grow abundantly, you can easily buy key limes locally. If you do not live where key limes grow, you can order them online and have them shipped to you.

Shop at general and all-purpose grocery stores if you live in regions where key limes grow locally. Peruse the produce section to find attractive and blemish-free key limes. Look for key limes that are bright green and firm for key limes with the most flavour. Purchase key limes that are pale yellow for limes with a more subdued flavour.

Visit if you live in a region where key limes do not grow locally. (See Resources 1) Order five pounds of fresh key limes from Melissa's Storefront. These limes ship quickly and reasonably and you will be able to cook and bake with these key limes to make all of the delectable dishes you wish to make.

Navigate to (See Resources 2) to order key limejuice in a double-strength formula. Often bakers avoid key lime juice, believing it is not strong enough to produce the same results when baking. Double-strength key lime juice is well-suited for baking and you can use this key lime juice in any recipe that calls for freshly squeezed key limes.

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