How to Make a Tartan Rosette

The traditional clothing of Scotland has been designed for men. The kilt, sporran, and other parts of the costume are all men's wear; there is no traditional full costume for women. On formal occasions or at gatherings that celebrate the culture and flavour of Scotland, a woman may only properly wear a tartan sash attached to her dress. This sash may be gathered into a traditional rosette design and fastened at her left shoulder with the rest of the sash draping over her body toward the waist on the right.

Lay out the sash on a table and fold it in half so that you have a double layer that is 18" wide and about 3' long. Grasp the fold in one hand and fold it over the rest of the sash so that it is folded down toward the loose ends about 7".

Grasp the centre of the area with four layers and wrap a rubber band around them to cinch together the centre. The rubber band creates a gather in the centre.

Spread the top half and bottom half of the fabric directly above and below the rubber band. The halves should be spread out as wide as they will go, and each should create a half circle. Use small safety pins to keep these halves in place, placing the pins on the underside to hide them as much as possible.

Pin the brooch to the centre of the tartan rosette so that the brooch is framed by tartan on all sides. Use a large safety pin to pin the resultant rosette and sash to the left shoulder.

Bring one trailing end of the sash across your body and pin it to your dress low on your right hip. Leave the other trailing end of the sash hanging down your back over your left shoulder.

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