How to Adjust the Brightness on My Acer Monitor

Your Acer computer monitor includes a menu that allows you to change various aesthetic settings, such as the contrast and brightness. In most instances your monitor will already be at a suitable setting, but you may occasionally want to change settings for different types of videos. If a movie you are watching or game you are playing is too dark to see properly, you can turn the brightness up for a better viewing experience.

Press the "Menu" button at the bottom of the Acer monitor. Use the right arrow button to navigate to the "Brightness" setting.

Press the "Menu" button again to select the "Brightness" setting. Tap the right arrow button to increase the brightness or tap the left arrow button to decrease the brightness.

Press the "Menu" button again to save the changes to the "Brightness" setting. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to any of the other settings you want to change, such as "Focus," "Contrast," "Vertical Position" or "Horizontal Position."

Tap the "Auto" button to exit the Acer monitor's menu.

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