How to Change a Scenic Headlight

The Renault Scenic is a French-made car produced from 1996 until 2003. Changing the headlights on your Scenic is straightforward and only requires the use of a socket wrench. The high beams of the Scenic utilise H1 bulbs. The low beams use H7 bulbs.

As the headlights are very important for your safety, you should change them as soon as you notice that they are burnt out. It only takes 10 minutes to change the headlamp.

Remove the Scenic's keys from its ignition. Open the bonnet and remove the three bolts from the battery cover with a socket wrench. Remove the cover and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. If replacing the right-hand side headlamp, pull the washer fluid tank out of the engine compartment.

Reach behind the headlight assembly and rotate the rubber seals counterclockwise to remove them. Pull the bulbs out of the assembly. The inner bulb is for the low beam and the outer bulb is for the high beam.

Install a replacement bulb with a clean cloth. Make sure to not touch the headlight bulb's glass portion with your bare hands. Only use the clean cloth to handle the bulbs. Reattach the rubber seal by rotating it clockwise.

Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery and reattach the battery cover and its three bolts. Reinstall the washer fluid tank if necessary. Close the bonnet.