How to write a quarterly report

Writing a quarterly report provides an update on a specific project or program every three months. Quarterly reports should be kept succinct and each sentence should contribute to an understanding of the progress and difficulties experienced, while providing an outlook in the future of the project.

Knowing how to write and format a quarterly report can save you time and prevent you from needing to rewrite the entire report.

Create a title page that outlines the name of the company, preparer's, project name and date that you prepared the quarterly project report. You may consider including the number of the report. For instance, if it is the fourth update, you should include report number four on the title page.

Write an executive summary highlighting the achievements of the last three months, results that you can demonstrate and conclusions that you have drawn. Executive summaries for a quarterly report should not exceed one page in length.

Provide an introduction into the project in a quarterly report, including a summary of the project, work plan and the results. You should include a statement of the project aims, discussing the problem that you want to solve and the question you want to answer. Highlight the objectives of the quarter.

Discuss the results in the main portion of the quarterly report. Select a typical result and what has lead you do the conclusions or results to date. Present the results in the form of tables or figures to visually highlight the features that you want the reader to acknowledge and interpret the results.

Outline the conclusions drawn and demonstrate that you can employ critical thinking skills by putting the results into context with the overall objectives of your project.

Explain what you intend to complete over the next three months, including what goals or objectives you may have based on what knowledge and information you gained over the three months.