How to Adjust Nissan Headlights

Driving at night can be difficult for those with poor eyesight. What can make driving at night even worse is poorly adjusted headlights. This can make driving after dark difficult for anyone regardless of sight problems.

Properly adjusting your headlights for optimum lighting on the road at night is a part of routine maintenance for any motorist. Headlights start to lose their factory calibration as the vehicle gets older and hits a few bumps along the road. This wobbling and bouncing can cause the headlights to shift and require adjustment.

Park your vehicle on a level driveway about 25 feet from a wall or garage door and turn your headlights on. The wall will serve as a visual guide for headlight placement and adjustment.

Locate the headlight adjustment screws on the side of the headlight closest to the centre of the vehicle. Depending on your model of Nissan, there may be one or two screws on each headlight for adjustment.

Turn the screws clockwise and observe the placement of the headlight beam on the wall. Turn them counterclockwise to reverse the direction.

Observe the headlights' placement on the wall as you turn the screwdriver. The idea is for them to appear side by side and just above the hood of the vehicle, not crossed over each other, in line with the windshield nor lower than the hood.